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Men’s Country Boots

Men’s Country Boots

Country Boots Men

Types of Country Boots & How to Choose The Right?

Country boots are a necessary part of men’s equestrian clothing. You need them to be able to properly care for your horses and ride them. Currently, these come in different types, leaving men confused over which one to choose. Here are some country boot types you need to know today. 


Western boots are the classic form of country boots. These are popular among cowboys and ranchers. The boots come with Cuban or riding heel designs as a safety feature to ensure riders stay in the saddle. 


Roper boots were created for men who indulged in the sport of calf roping. The boot allows you to run faster while keeping your ankles safe. 


Buckaroos are probably the flashiest riding boots. These have a higher heel than the western boots at 2 inches. Furthermore, they have an extra piece of leather across the vamp and come with intricate stitching. 


Stockman boots are similar to Roper boots, but they have deeper scallops (the dip at the shaft of the boot). Like Ropers, these have smaller, more comfortable heels. 

Western Work

Wester Work boots are comfortable with lower heels and rubber soles. These often sport aesthetic designs that add to the overall horse riding outfit. 


If you ride pack mules or often venture in mountainous terrain, you need packer boots. These have higher heels and are laced up. Packers are designed to give more ankle support than other types. 

Fashion or Dress Boots

Fashion or dress boots, as the name suggests, are dressier than other country boots. The variety of fabrics used to make this are plenty and endless. You can use any fabric as long as they look good. 

Handmade Boots

Handmade country boots are a classic among ranchers. These add a sophisticated feeling to the whole outfit as you ride your horse.

The making of the iconic Dubarry Galway Country Boot

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