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Men’s Riding Boots

Men’s Riding Boots

Men's Riding Boots - Horseback Riding

Types of Riding Boots for Men, & How to Choose The Right?

Your boots are a very important piece of clothing when it comes to horse riding. With the increase of products in the market, we notice that every new piece of clothing and boots seem to have its own features. This makes it hard for customers to understand which is the best pair of boots for them. 

Here are a few types of boots offered in the market along with its use for you to understand which pair of boots would fit your horse riding routine the best.

Long Riding boots/ Tall Riding Boots

Extending up from the riders legs to his knee, comes in three different styles – 

  (a) The Field Boot – 

Its a long leather boot which is mainly worn by riders interested in event jumping, performing, show jumping and hunting. The lace up also provides extra comfort.

 (b) The Dress Boot – 

This is the most popular riding boots as it gives a very formal look. Traditionally black in color and majority of them seem to have a Spanish cut.

  (c) The Hunt Boot –

Traditionally made of black or brown leather and worn by male hunt riders. They have a few similarities with that of the dress boot however contrasting cuff creates a big difference between the two. 

  • Short Riding Boots – 

It looks more informal when compared to a field boot, hunt boot or a dress boot. They are inexpensive and widely supported and used by parents of young and small riders. 

   (a) Jodhpur Boots – 

They come just above the ankle and offers flexibility and great support to the riders. They can be used for everyday purposes as well.

 (b) Jodhpur Boots with Gaiters/ half chaps – 

Much easier to wear and provides great comfort. They give out a very elegant vibe which makes the rider feel more confident. 

For those who find riding extremely difficult with long boots, but also want to feel the same jodhpur boots with gaiters is the best option. For younger riders, regular jodhpur boots are great as they are not expensive. Therefore even if they grow out of it, they would not have to spend much on another pair of boots.

How To Choose Riding Boots with Jen from SmartPak

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