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The Marwari Horse

The Marwari Horse

Marwari Horse

History, Origins & Use of The Marwari Horse Breed.

Meet The Marwari Horse: History, Origins And Use Of The Marwari Horse Breed.

Marwari horse breed is a rare and beautiful breed that originated in the Marwar region of Rajasthan, India. It has a distinctive physical appearance with the most striking feature being this breed’s curved ears that touch each other. If looked at from a certain angle, these ears while touching each other form the shape of a heart. Their history dates back to the 12th century when Rathores, the rules of Marwar developed this breed. This is a royal historic breed that remains a rare and prized possession today. They were bred for wars and are famous for their sturdiness. They are closely related to the Kathiawari breed that also hails from the same region.

History ofThe Marwari Horse Breed

Marwari horse breed is one of the oldest breeds and so most of its history lies in folklore. The actual history of the breed is very obscure. Rathores, the 12th century Marwar rulers prized these horses and imposed strict restrictions on breeding that promoted the purity and hardiness of the breed. Army of Marwar was known for its cavalry that was made up of these horses. Marwari horses were bred as a hardy mount to the royals and soldiers in times of war. This breed has witnessed some historical battles of the Indian sub-continent. A genetic study reveals the presence of Arabian and Mongolian horse lineage in Marwari horses.

Characteristics ofThe Marwari Horse Breed

Marwari horses are medium-sized horses with an average height of 15 hands, and they weigh around 900 pounds. They have a streamlined body. Marwari horses come in a wide range of colors. The most prized of them all is a Grey horse. Apart from rotating ears, another important feature of the Marwari horses is their thick neck which is arched and always carried in a high posture.

Use ofThe Marwari Horse Breed

These horses were bred to be desert horses, and they still carry those features. They are mostly used for riding, shows, ceremonial and religious purposes. A black Marwari horse is considered lucky. They are also used for crossbreeding with thoroughbreds to create and larger and more versatile progeny.

The Marwari Horse with Mann Horse Photography

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