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Pony of the Americas

Pony of the Americas

The Pony of the Americas – “The Appaloosa Pony”

The Appaloosa Pony – An Arabian, Appaloosa & Shetland Pony Cross

Pony of the Americas is a new pony breed that hails from Iowa in the United States. In the past few years, it has been gaining considerable popularity and excelling in both English and Western disciplines. Pony of the Americas or POA has specific coloring and striking Appaloosa markings that are unique to this breed. It is a very intelligent breed with a docile temper and willingness to train. Their strong build and balanced conformation make them suitable for a range of activities. With their unique appearance, they are truly a combination of beauty and beast.

The Pony of the Americas – History

It is a relatively modern breed that originated in 1954 in the state of Iowa. It was Les Boomhower, a pony breeder who developed this breed. To create this breed, Les bred an Appaloosa mare with a Shetland pony. This resulted in a colt with white color and black patches smeared all over the body. Les was impressed by this and after examining the colt, he decided to develop a new breed of Appaloosa-colored pony. Soon, Boomhower and his friends established the Pony of Americas Club in 1954. In the later years, the scope for the POA was broadened and new bloodlines were introduced in place of Shetland pony.

Characteristics of The Horse Breed

The most striking feature of this breed is the Appaloosa markings. Modern POAs come in a variety of colors and markings as the original bloodline was mixed with various breeds. As per the POA Club, the ponies should be taller than 44 inches and should not exceed 52 inches. POA has mottled skin with both dark and light patches that are found near the muzzle, eyes, and genitals. They have alert ears and a small head dished like an Arabian horse. Their physique resembles that of an American Quarter Horse.

Uses of the The Pony

This is a breed for children to ride and show. As per POA guidelines, adults are not allowed to ride them. Recently, POAs are being used in various equestrian events like endurance riding, barrel racing, jumping, and dressage.

The POA with Alisha Jacuzzi from “Horse of My Dream”

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