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Horse Polo Wraps

Horse Polo Wraps

Polo Wraps

Types of Polo Wraps & How To Choose The Right?

Picking the correct Polo Wraps is like choosing essential instruments for a horse. In the first place, let’s list down the basics reasons for using polo wraps. These can also be the basis on how to choose the right fit for your polo rockstar: 

Safety & Protection

Polo wraps can act as a protective cover for a sore, injured, or wounded leg. They can also guarantee safety for the leg while riding on sandy, rocky, trashy grounds or wounds from sticking against a fence while bouncing. 

Sustainability & Support 

Polo wraps can act as substantial support for the horse’s lower legs. Wrap layers retain the tendons and ligaments in an accurate posture while riding. It moreover safeguards the calf muscles from overstretching or muscle tears. 


Some riders admire the looks and aesthetics of polo wraps on horses. Swaddling a horse’s legs in elegant white polo wraps can do wonders in making the horse look appealing and more charismatic. Similarly, quite a few owners use vibrant neon orange polo wraps to dress their horses to make them stand out.

There is a wide scope of options to make your final decisions for polo wraps. We will a few of the most standard polo wraps brands. 

Standing Bandages or Basic Stable Wraps

Standing/ Stable wraps allow in preventing ‘stocking up’ in a stall. Stocking up happens when body fluids or liquids start to settle in the calves of a horse. This can be because of continuous standing on a concrete surface without moving around for while. 

Exercise Bandages

Bandages or wraps that are mostly used while riding. Their purpose is to protect a horse from scraping or scratching itself from hurdles or obstacles such as jumps or practice props. 

Shipping Wraps

These are wraps or bandages that provide support and protection to horse legs while traveling. They help horses create a balance for themselves while in a vehicle. These wraps also allow keeping the legs clean and dry while moving challenging roads for a show. 

Using pieces of cotton

Horse owners or caretakers usually apply stable or standing wraps over the cotton paddings. These are stocky and broad rectangular quilted fabrics that help distribute the pressure of the wrap evenly. 

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