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Meet The Norwegian Fjord Horse

Meet The Norwegian Fjord Horse

History, Origins & Use of The Norwegian Fjord Breed.

One of the earliest horse breeds globally, Norwegian Fjord Horse is a versatile race that exhibits a blend of versatility, tolerance and extraordinary agility. Despite being comparatively more petite than most other breeds, it is sturdy enough to carry an adult human easily. In addition, a long, heavy and sleek mane give the Fjord horse a stunning appearance.

History and Origin

Native to the mountain hillsides of Norway, it is believed to have descended from Przewalski, an aboriginal species of a wild horse in Asia. After migrating, it had been domesticated and selectively bred for about 2000 years. As a result, it has an extensive history of being a pureblood and boasts a long pedigree without any crossbreeding.

The Norwegian Fjord Horse is dependable and calm with a gentle temperament.


The Fjord is a reasonably intelligent breed, famous for its serene disposition. It is forgiving to new rider mistakes and is loved for its smooth gait. In addition, it is naturally curious and sharp-eyed, making it a reliable choice for riders and equestrians alike. 

Shades and Variants

All Fjord horses possess a dun coat, dominated by gold or tan hues. In addition, one can find broadly five variants owing to subtle colour variations in body, mane and tail and forelocks.

  • Brown Dun
  • Red Dun
  • Grey Dun 
  • White Dun
  • Yellow Dun


Initially used as a war mount in the Viking Era, they have since then been used for farming in the mountainous terrains. They could serve as the perfect workhorse, carrying heavy loads uphill with immense vigour. They are good driving horses and are nowadays used in competitions, tourist transportation and sports events. Owing to their easy-going and mild nature, they are often used in organisations for therapeutic riding.

Labelled as an endangered species, with only about 6000 of them left, Nature parks are now increasingly seeking to run breeding programs to conserve this majestic breed of Norwegian Fjord.

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