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How to Choose Dog Collars

How to Choose Dog Collars

4 Types of Dog Collars

When it comes to training, then you must ensure that you buy a good dog collar for your pup. There are so many options available when it comes to buying a collar for your pet. It can seem overwhelming when it comes to shopping for a good collar for your dog. Before buying one, it is essential to know the purpose each collar serves.

Here is a guide list to choose a good dog collar:

Flat-Buckle Collar

These collars buckle or snap closure and are the most popular choice for purchasing a dog collar. They are available in multiple shapes and sizes. Most of them come with strips that reflect the light and are great for walking your dog at night time. You can also secure tags for your dog with this collar.

Choke Collar/Chain

When the choke collars’ control loop is pulled, they tend to tighten around the neck. Therefore, they are not recommended for a safe collar option as sometimes they may result in accidentally injuring your dog.

Martingale Collar

These collars are suggested for dogs with tender or more petite necks. They have a small chain attached to them, making the collar smaller each time the chain is pulled. So, they have an extra edge over the flat-buckle collar in this section.

Prong/Pinch Collar

These collars are more or less similar to choke collars. But the difference is that they have small metal prongs on the inner side of the collar. As a result, they may dig into your dog’s skin when you pull the leash. So, they are not recommended as safe options.

It is advisable to make wise choices while buying a dog collar because that will ensure the comfort of your loved pet. For example, avoid choke collars and prong collars for a safe option for your pet.

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