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Horseback Riding in Estancia, Argentina

Horseback Riding in Estancia, Argentina

Horseback Riding in Estancia, Argentina - Estancia-Argentina-Horses - Experiences

Here’s why you’ll Love Horseback Riding in Estancia, Argentina.

Estancia in Spanish means a small cattle ranch. If you love horse riding then there is no place better than an Estancia in the beautiful land of Argentina. Estancias of Argentina attract horse riding lovers from all over the world for the splendid and unique experience they have to offer. Besides scenic locations there is a lot of culture and thrill of riding in rather unexplored lands that will leave you spellbound.

Salubrious Climate for Riding

Pampas, the grasslands of Argentina are home to many terrific breeds of Horses. The climate is very relaxing and will give you an instant kick to go out and explore. The riding skills of local cowboys known as Gauchos are as spectacular as any other professional rider. You will have company of perhaps the best horse riders in the world.

Unparalleled Cultural Experience

Argentina has a very interesting culture. The Country has a European feel and the people speak Spanish with an Italian accent. You will experience a culture that is unique. Unlike most Latin America, Argentina offers a much safer and truly a cosmopolitan experience. You will at times forget that you are in South America.

Company of Gauchos

The Argentine people are amongst the most beautiful in the world. When it comes to Horse riding, they are second to none. Their amazing riding and hunting skills will leave you flabbergasted.

Beautiful Ranches and Best Horses

The ranches of Argentina have become the craze amongst the rich and elite class of Europe and the Middle East. The grasses are very nutritious for horses and you will find the best stud farms with some of the best horse breeds. For horse riding Lovers the Esatancias of Argentina are what Monaco Grand Pre is for Car Racing lovers. They have the best facilities and professional staff, and the local hospitality is superb.

Plenty of Gourmet choices 

Argentina is known for its superior quality beef. It also offers a wide range of gourmet choices. Argentine cuisine is a blend of European and native cuisine.

The Best Destination for Horse Riding Couples

Estancias of Argentina are a perfect destination for solo travel and equally good for a relaxing vacation with families. For the elite horse riding lovers it offers the best in class and the most unforgettable experience that will make you addicted. But if you are a horse riding couple looking for some romantic moments with your beloved then it is the best place for you.

Estancia Los Potreros, Argentina

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