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Horse Massage Brushes Guide

Horse Massage Brushes Guide

Horse Massage Brushes Types & How to Choose The Right One?

Horse lovers and owners have probably come across several brushes when buying supplies for horse care and grooming. However, among several types, how do you know which horse massage brush to use? Here are six horse brushes and when you can use them. 

Horses Care & Grooming: Types of Brushes for Grooming a Horse

1. Curry comb

Curry combs are the most basic and popular grooming brushes. These come in metal and hard rubber varieties, out of which the latter is preferred for its non-sharp teeth. The comb, used as the first step in grooming, helps loosen up the dirt and dead skin cells. 

2. Dandy brush

Dandy brushes are useful for removing the loose dirt after a curry comb. You can flick the dirt off the coat with this brush. These come in natural and synthetic varieties, both of which can be used depending on the season. For instance, a natural one is suitable for thick winter coats, and a synthetic brush is useful in summers. 

3. Face brush

Face brushes are one of the softest horse brushes there are. These are exclusively for brushing the face, a sensitive part of a horse’s body. 

4. Body brush

Body brushes, made of natural fibres, have softer bristles than dandy brushes. Nevertheless, you can use them to distribute the coat’s oils for a beautiful, shiny coat. The brush usually comes with a hand strap for ease of use. 

5. Finishing brush

Using finishing brushes is the last step of the grooming process. These have soft bristles like the face brush and can circulate the coat oils efficiently. 

6. Rub Rag

A rub rag is technically not a brush. However, these are used to smoothen out the horse’s coat after a grooming session. You can use a soft towel for this purpose.

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