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Horse Hoof Picks

Horse Hoof Picks

Horse Hoof Picks

Types of Horse Hoof Picks & How o Choose The Right?

A good pick forms the essential part of your equine’s grooming kit. Picking your horse’s feet is a very important part of their daily care. Thus, you must invest in a good horse hoof pick for maintenance of your loved equine’s hooves. There are two types of horse hoof picks: one are with brush, and the other are without brush. A brush does the finishing work once you have removed the large chunks of dirt from the horse’s hooves. It is suggested that you buy a horse hoof with a unique color. That way, it becomes easy to identify in the kit

5 Types of Horse Hoof Picks

Metal Hoof Pick

Metal hoofs are quite affordable. So, if you are looking for affordable options, then these ones are for you.

Folding Hoof Pick

These hoof picks fold away effortlessly. So they are a must haves if you are going for hacking. They easily fit inside the pocket without doing any harm to the clothing.

Groom Hoof Pick

This pick comes with a handle. It provides a firm grip to the user. It adds to the comfort while using the pick and you can clean your equine’s hooves easily.

The Jackhammer

This kind of picks has a lifelong guarantee. This is a good investment if you want a sturdy option in horse hoof picks. It does not break or bend easily.

Gorilla Hoof Pick

This pick has a stiff brush and a strong metal body. This pick is effective in picking the harshest of dirt. It also has a hole for hanging.

Making a good choice while selecting a horse hoof pick will keep your horse’s grooming up to date. Your equine will feel squeaky clean each time you go for a ride.

Hoof Picks Walk Through with Dawn Champion

Courtesy of Dawn Champion

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