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Horse Halters

Horse Halters


Types of Halters & How to Choose The Right for Your Horse?

Horse Halters

Horse halter is a very necessary piece of equipment for your daily horse kit. Halters serve many purposes. They are a fashion statement. They help you identify your equine in case of an emergency. Halters are valuable training tools. Halters prevent dangerous situations from happening with your horse. A personalized halter must be in your wish list to make a unique connection with your steed.

Choosing a Horse Halter

Leather Halters

Leather halters are durable and last for a very long time if properly taken care of. They are employed in everything from shows to daily barn use. Leather halters come from pony size to full size. You can shop leather halters in various color combinations.

Nylon Halters

Nylon halters are economic options. They do not need the extra care like leather halters. Nylon halters are good for everyday use. They are durable and easy to slip on and replace. They are also good backup choices for leather halters. Nylon halters should be used under supervision as they are impossible to cut through in case of an emergency.

Breakaway Halters

Breakaway halters contain a snapped leather strap connecting the cheek piece and the crown piece. Breakaway halters are safe options as compared to nylon halters or leather halters. They are quite easy to reattach. If your horse is an uneasy fellow, then breakaway halters are great choice.

Rope Halters

Rope halters do not involve any hardware. There is a subtle connection between the equine and the handler. They are great backup choices. Rope halters can be used under breakaway halters. The knots in the rope halter apply pressure on the face of the horse for cues. They are easier to cut in an emergency as compared to nylon halters or leather halters.

So, go ahead and invest in a good halter to ensure easy transportation of your equine from one place to another. You can shop for halters both offline and online.

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