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Horse Grooming Kits

Horse Grooming Kits

Grooming Kit Horses

Types of Grooming Kits & How to Choose The Right?

Horses are among the most hardworking and useful animals known to man. However, they require equally substantial care. It is essential to groom and clean them on a regular basis to avoid diseases and infections.

Brushes, picks and the like can be purchased individually, but buying a grooming set can be much more convenient. Here are some things to keep in mind while picking out the best kit for your equine partner.


Grooming should be pleasant for your horse, AND for you. If your horse is extra sensitive, or your wrists hurt easily, choose a comfortable kit. Natural bristles could be a boon for your horses. And swapping out combs with grooming gloves could benefit you as well.


If you have the money, expensive kits often (but not always!) mean better and sturdier tools. You can also look beyond necessities like brushes and picks. Items like conditioners, shampoo and hair detanglers will help give your horse’s coat that extra luster. If you must compromise, purchase kits with fewer (but essential) tools rather than poorer quality ones. You can always expand later.


If you travel around a lot, go for a grooming tote. Even as a general rule, allocate proper space for your equipment.


Different strokes for different… um, foals? Rougher tools could harm sensitive or younger horses, but the reverse is also true. Some sturdier horses may enjoy a harder scrubbing more. Certain chemical products could also be harmful to some horses. Always have a vet’s info on hand to know more about your horse’s needs.

The more you groom and spend time with your horse, the more closely you’ll know them. Remember to keep their needs in mind while buying grooming sets. Take good care of your horse and you will have a healthy partner you can always rely on!

What’s in my Grooming Kit with This Esme

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