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Horse Blinkers

Horse Blinkers

Horse Blinkers and Blinders

Types of Blinkers & How to Choose The Right?

You might have noticed horses wear blinkers in horse racing tournaments. They are special cups that cover both or an eye of the horse. Different horse blinkers have unique functions. However, all help the horse to focus on the race and keep visual distractions at bay. 

Different Types Of Horse Blinkers 

Blinkers help your horse to stay focused and calm during racing by obstructing sight. There are many types of blinkers available in the market for your horse. Some popular blinkers are- 

French Cups- These blinkers are popular in American horse races. They obstruct the sight of your horse to a large extent while running on the field. 

Full cups- They conceal a lot of your horse’s overall view of the field. They eliminate distractions and improve focus. They have small holes on their base to allow your horse to see competitors close by. 

Semi cups- This blinker is a cross between the French cup and full cup blinkers. Your horse’s vision is reduced on the field but not completely as in the case of full cup blinkers. There are no holes in these blinkers.

 Extension cups- These blinkers completely cover one eye of your horse. Your horse will not run on a single side of the field while racing with these blinkers on. They prevent dirt from entering your horse’s eye. Some blinkers available in the market have small holes to help your horse see other competitors on the field. 

Cheaters– These blinkers give your horse an open view of the entire racing field. There is no cup on these blinkers. You may wonder how they help your horse? They are made to help your horse psychologically while racing. They help your horse to run forward. 

Choose the right blinkers for your horse

Trainers can choose any of the above blinkers for their horses depending upon the races they participate in. You can buy ready-made horse blinkers or custom-order them from stores. 

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