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Cribbings & Muzzles

Cribbings & Muzzles

Horse Cribbing

Types Of Cribbings & How To Choose The Right?

Cribbing is annoying in horses and you cannot stop this frustrating habit completely. You can change the diet or other health management practices of your horse. You can also keep your horse outside more often to chew on hay or grass to reduce cribbing. 

Types of Cribbing Blocks 

You will find sprays in the market to stop cribbing, but they are not recommended by experts. Most of them have harmful substances that affect your horse’s health. 

Cribbing blocks stop bad behavior in horses. You will find several cribbing collars and straps available in the market to block your horse’s cribbing. They are available in local and online websites for horses in all price brackets. 

1.     Cribbing control collars- This collar stops your horse’s cribbing due to its unique design. Most collars have adjustable buckles and are made from fine leather. The collar’s design does not allow it to slip and helps your horse to stop cribbing. 

2.     Cribbing collar straps- You get a combination of a collar and a strap. This cribbing block helps your horse to drink and eat safely. It is comfortable for your horse and safe too. You can use this collar strap with or without the horse’s halter. It applies light pressure to your horse’s larynx to stop cribbing. 

3.     Cribbing muzzles– If you do not want your horse to wear a cribbing strap or collar, buy a cribbing muzzle. They look the same as grazing muzzles. Most of them use metal bars to allow your horse to drink and eat freely. They are comfortable and your horse will not mind wearing them.

Comfort is The Key

Choose the right size and material. The cribbing should not irritate your horse’s skin. Buy products from credible brands. If you buy cribbing  blocks online, read honest reviews about the product before your purchase. 

What is Cribbing and Why Do Horses Do It?

Courtesy of Andrew McLean – Equitation Science International
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